Starry Night

by | Mar 31, 2018 | blog, Journal | 0 comments

On one particular Summer evening when I was just a young girl, my father went outside with a ladder and propped it up against the house. He held a small white box in his hands and in it contained little gold stars. He gathered me, my brother and sisters, outside to show us something he was excited about. He climbed the ladder with the tiny white box and reached into it and pulled a gold star out. He licked the white sticky side and held it up to the night sky.  My dad is a very tall man standing 6’4″. He seemed even taller standing at the top of the ladder, and definitely tall enough to reach the sky.

We were curious and asked him what he was doing, he said half laughing, “I am putting stars in the sky for all of you kids!” I was six or seven years old at the time, and I believed him! As a kid, I’m thinking, oh… now I understand…it finally made sense to me at such a young age how all the stars got up there in the sky!

What dad gave me that night was priceless and a beautiful memory I cherish. I remember laying in bed that night thinking how amazing my dad was. He held all of us in wonderment that entire evening by being creative and doing something to make us all smile.

My parents were like this in our life. They would find ways to bring a little magical wonder by using their imagination. We did not have a lot of toys growing up because dad supported our family and was going to school. I loved their ingenuity and how they came up with creative ways to make us smile. At that age It was not the monetary things that I remembered as much as their act of love. I saw the value in that and was able to do the same for my children when they were little. We make our memories, and they last not just in one person’s life but in the lives of those we share our stories with.

The picture also reminds me of how I like to have little lights and candles glowing in my home at night for warmth and ambiance. I have lanterns throughout my backyard, around the pool, in the small garden and sitting area. It makes relaxing even more enchanting.

This morning, I when I woke up received a text message with this beautiful picture. It inspired me, started my day off great and it took me on a journey back into time. I also remember thinking as a climbed out of bed,
Be the light in the dark…