Shannon Knight is a survivor and “thriver.” She’s survived breast cancer not once but twice, including a harrowing battle with stage 4. In 2006 she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and was faced with impossible choices of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone suppression. She opted out of all except a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction,  In July 2010 Cancer returned with a vengeance leaving her with the same choices as before.  Shannon decided to be her own champion and opted out of chemotherapy and hormone suppression drugs. She agreed to the recommended radiation in one area of her sternum to prevent her risk of paralysis.  The radiation was halted because it caused burns and inflammation in her lungs which made it impossible to lay still because of chronic uncontrollable coughing. She was now dealing with complications of a staph infection and pneumonia in her lungs. Traditional medicine failed her.

Shannon searched everywhere for alternative methods of healing, finally deciding to travel to San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico where she found CMN Hospital that had an advanced alternative cancer treatment protocol. Because of this courageous decision in 2010, Shannon is alive and well today, sharing her story.

While her battle with cancer is now six years past, Shannon is still fighting cancer with other survivors. As a cancer advocate, Shannon educates others on how they, too, can control their journey when facing cancer. As a certified life coach, she works with survivors and those still battling, helping them navigate the winding and overwhelming roads of emotional recovery.

Although Shannon had heard it all: “Don’t give up!” and “it’s not over!” She fought tooth and nail, but like so many survivors, the battle begins to wear on a person. After a certain point, she began to hear phrases familiar to those who have been fighting for a while: “Maybe it’s time to accept things,” and “there’s nothing left to do.” Fear set in, but Shannon wouldn’t have it. If there were even a sliver of hope, she’d take it. Run with it. Fight with it as a foundation. Her hope, though small, would grow. She stood up with a new determination, and even in the face of so much negativity, decided there had to be another way.

There’s no better proof of a miracle happening than Shannon Knight. But, of course, she didn’t do it completely on her own. There was her faith, CMN Hospital, and many friends and family who (even despite the odds presented), continued to support her fervently. Even when her doctor at UCLA had run out of options, Shannon knew that she couldn’t give up. It wasn’t about being selfish; it was about how choosing life was the right thing to do, no matter what. Her breast cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, bones, and lungs. Her doctor had already done all he could, and yet the cancer was winning.

Now, Shannon would never tell anyone whether they should seek traditional or alternative treatment first when they come to her asking for advice. She respects choice and would not expect somebody else to do exactly what she did. Health and wellness are personal and intimate; if anyone understands that, it would be Shannon. Shannon did not seek alternative treatment first, but after having gone through some traditional therapies first, she knew there were no other roads to recovery left for her but the alternative ones. After diligent research, Shannon came upon CMN Hospital’s Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in Mexico.

For thirty years, alternative cancer treatment has existed at CMN Hospital. Could there be some hope there? Shannon felt there might, and did whatever it took to get there. Shannon wanted to live, and if it meant trying something radically different, then maybe—just maybe—this alternative treatment center might be the answer.

In  2010 Shannon was diagnosed with a recurrence of metastatic breast cancer stage 4 with only a success rate of one percent. And yet, Shannon was not deterred. After having gone through the alternative healing program at CMN Hospital, she found herself getting better and finally healed.

Shannon believes that giving hope to those who have lost it, propping up those for one last go at battling cancer when they need it and rooting for those whom everyone else has given up on is her mission. Will Shannon’s path be yours? Probably not, but her mission and her message are this: never give up. Your life was valuable before, and it’s just as valuable now—if not more so—that you are battling cancer.

The fight, Shannon discovered, is worth it. Throughout the long, arduous, heartbreaking battle, Shannon learned enough to fill a few volumes. It’s these lessons that she’s now coming forward to pass on to others. Not only those battling cancer but family and friends who are joining the fight. And for those on the sidelines, she has something to say, too: do anything. Even if it’s just a phone call or a card, everything makes a difference when one is facing the biggest fight of their life.

As a Christian, Shannon takes refuge in her faith. The calling came when she thought she wasn’t ready, but she knew God would be there during her darkest days. He gave her the gift of living once more. It was a story of emerging from the darkness into a new life, one in which she would serve others even more than before – a life dedicated to giving back and helping to shine the light of love, faith, and understanding to those who are in the fight of their lives. Her abilities revealed, Shannon now feels more powerful than ever. Whether you are a Christian, of another faith, or secular, Shannon’s message is clear: there’s still hope, you still matter, and if you don’t give up on you, then the world won’t either.