Starry Night

On one particular Summer evening when I was just a young girl, my father went outside with a ladder and propped it up against the house. He held a small white box in his hands and in it contained little gold stars. He gathered me, my brother and sisters, outside to show us something he was excited about. He climbed the ladder with the tiny white box and reached into it and pulled a gold star out. He licked the white sticky side and held it up to the night sky.  My dad is a very tall man standing 6’4″. He seemed even taller standing at the top of the ladder, and definitely tall enough to reach the sky.

We were curious and asked him what he was doing, he said half laughing, “I am putting stars in the sky for all of you kids!” I was six or seven years old at the time, and I believed him! As a kid, I’m thinking, oh… now I understand…it finally made sense to me at such a young age how all the stars got up there in the sky!

What dad gave me that night was priceless and a beautiful memory I cherish. I remember laying in bed that night thinking how amazing my dad was. He held all of us in wonderment that entire evening by being creative and doing something to make us all smile.

My parents were like this in our life. They would find ways to bring a little magical wonder by using their imagination. We did not have a lot of toys growing up because dad supported our family and was going to school. I loved their ingenuity and how they came up with creative ways to make us smile. At that age It was not the monetary things that I remembered as much as their act of love. I saw the value in that and was able to do the same for my children when they were little. We make our memories, and they last not just in one person’s life but in the lives of those we share our stories with.

The picture also reminds me of how I like to have little lights and candles glowing in my home at night for warmth and ambiance. I have lanterns throughout my backyard, around the pool, in the small garden and sitting area. It makes relaxing even more enchanting.

This morning, I when I woke up received a text message with this beautiful picture. It inspired me, started my day off great and it took me on a journey back into time. I also remember thinking as a climbed out of bed,
Be the light in the dark…

What happened to me and my friend.

I went to Simi Valley to visit my mom for Christmas. A friend drove me because I could not drive that day because of a back injury. When he picked me up after a few days (which I thought was the coolest thing ever to do that for me), I asked him if we could please try to get a picture of my twin sisters peacock friend at the old house where they used to live. This beautiful bird used to visit her and my niece Madison and I wanted to surprise her. My friend was grumpy and said no. I did plead a little because it was a worthy cause since I did not know when I’d be back out that way.

So we left in a hurry I got a picture of their favorite house and a little video too and sent it to my twin sis Jessie DiConti. We had a very long drive ahead, so we took off. About an hour into our ride I had to use the restroom and asked if we could find a restaurant. He grumbled some, but he pulled off the highway in Pasadena and looked around for a restaurant. He was grumpy because he thought I was a little picky for wanting a cleaner restroom than what he suggested at a gas station.

He quickly found a diner. He mentioned he was hungry earlier, but when I asked him if I could get him breakfast, he said, “naaaa…” I asked him again before going into the diner if he wanted a coffee or food. He mumbled, “no I just want to get going!” I knew he was hungry so I ordered the two most decadent muffins I could find (he loves sweets) and ran into the restroom while they bagged them up.

I got back in the car and offered them to him, and he did look twice as I pulled out the first carrot cake cream,  cheese muffin. I nibbled a little to get the smell in his nostrils  He said he just wanted to get back on the freeway and get going. He attempted to go down a road he thought would get him back on the 210 highway but got lost. Even worse his navigator had him doing circles, and we ended up on this peaceful residential street. He was getting angrier. I told him I was ready to get out of the car and just get an Uber. It was uncomfortable seeing him like this because he was a happy guy.

What happened next will be backed up by photos and video 
He drove down a residential street pretty upset, and I was starting to lose my (let’s cheer up my friend composure for a peaceful drive) I prayed for peace. All of a sudden there were peacocks EVERYWHERE! I mean on every front lawn, even a rooftop, a fence and just walking around. I got excited (Irritated him more at first…) I said, oh my gosh! God brought us Peacocks! Look!!! Peacocks everywhere! He looked baffled, amazed and in shock! He had to stop the car because they would have made anyone stop! I smiled from ear to ear, and I said to him. You can leave if you want, I’m staying, and I’ll call Uber. I just felt blessed, and peace washed over me. I needed to be in my gratitude and free him of me!

I was so happy, and I was also sensitive to whatever bothered him, I just couldn’t help, and He was the one who planned the drive to get me and wanted me to have this visit with my mom for Christmas. He was genuine, and something had happened to change his mood. To this day I will never know, but he was upset. He waited in the car for me though; I was surprised. He allowed me to do my thing. I walked up and down the street mesmerized by these peacocks, and he just looked around through his window. When I got back in that car after getting some quick video and photos, we both said, “Now that was God!”
The remainder of the ride was laughter excitement, and he grabbed that bag of muffins and ate them right up with a mischievous smile on his face. “He was back!

Shannon’s Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my Blog! I am so happy you stopped by!  The pages in my book of life are many! My hope is to inspire and empower anyone who stops by here to read a post.  I believe life is meant to shape us into more loving individuals and to show us our life purpose!  Your path is significant and many people will learn from everything you do! Your success, your mistakes, obstacles you overcome and choices leave a footprint. Never underestimate the impact you have in the lives of others. We all affect one another.

FDA Smashes Hope!

There are no guarantees on life or death but there is always HOPE!

Just because one doctor or one hospital says to you, “Nothing else can be done to save you from cancer” This does not mean it is true! THIS IS A LIE! I was told this very same lie. The doctors meant well but they are not God, they did not know of every healing therapy in our world! I survived because I chose not to believe in their limitations as a truth. They obviously did not know the potential of my body’s ability to heal! Why me? I’m not extraordinary and more worthy of healing than you! We all have hope and potential. It varies but there are many of us out there who healed from stage 4 cancer.Doctors who say this don’t want to take responsibility for giving patients hope; even if it is slim. I would never back down from a fight to save my life! If I give up death is certain. If I don’t give up, I have hope for healing!
I’m a little riled up today and angry! This is a right to one of my God-given emotions! I’m furious! I cannot believe that so many stage 4 cancer patients are told there is nothing else to be done. I know MANY survivors of stage 4, and this is absolutely a horrible thing for them say to them! WHY NOT GIVE PATIENTS THE TRUTH! There is always HOPE! THE DOCTORS DOING THIS TO THEM ARE FORGETTING COMPASSION. Most of all they are following the book on what to say to patients when they have run out of drugs to try or they say this to patients who refuse the chemo just I as I refused!There is not a guarantee of life with ANY treatment, but HOPE is something you can still give to your patients! I understand when the vital signs are poor and they are truly too ill to fight that you need to prepare family. Compassion is not saying, give up and get your affairs in order to someone who drove their car feeling perfectly fine and telling them there is nothing else to be done for them. It is only a guarantee that there is NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN DO, and that your hands are tied by the FDA on what you are PERMITTED to use for treatment. All of us know there are survival stories out there and patients are leaving the country to continue trying to fight for their life!Cancer warriors who are angry because you tried plan A or plan B and it did not work. You feel a burst of fight still in you? If so then you can still try plan C, D or E! Try all the letters and then there are numbers. I had hope and am alive because of it. I couldn’t give up! I held on to hope.Doctors, it is more ethical to give your patients hope that there COULD BE ANOTHER WAY (whisper it in your patient’s ear to not give up and say, “You didn’t hear it from me” Keep fighting. Is that so hard to do? Just tell them that others have recovered with other cancer alternative treatments which unfortunately they are unable able to offer legally. Their hands are tied by our FDA so they cannot try other treatments with you that could work and heal you. Their chemo may not have worked for you, but this does not mean it is over!!! This does not mean you are destined to die! No guarantees yet anywhere but still, there are other available treatments and ways to keep fighting. People are beating stage 4! It is not a death sentence!When one doctor GIVES UP, or a hospital says they cannot save you all this means is that “THEY cannot save you! ” That is their TRUTH

Their truth will scare you, it will make you believe all is lost but it is only true for this facility, and they have just revealed to you the limit of THEIR ABILITIES!

UCLA gave me a death sentence of a year or less left to live in 2010! SERIOUSLY!? It’s now 2018 and I am free of disease! My whole family believed the lies too and were terrified!

Fear makes us panic, have anxiety and fall to a million pieces, and we believe lies.
When fear subsides, let your intuition guide you! That’s what I did. That’s what my sister did. Quiet the mind and the noise of anxiety and fearful thoughts circling in a frenzy in your mind.


FAQ’s Beating Cancer Without Chemo

It’s been seven years since I first walked into CMN Hospital for their ACT protocol (Alternative Cancer Treatment).  I put together a  list of the most frequent questions I am asked.  I want to emphasize that choosing your cancer treatment is a very personal choice and there are many options.  I am sharing with you from my personal journey of completely healing stage 4 metastatic breast cancer without chemo.


Q. What Hospital did I go to for Alternative Cancer treatment?
A. CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment. An inpatient facility that has a team of all specialties and an ICU should anything happen while you are out of your country you will be in very good hands right there at the hospital. This includes pulmonary, orthopedic gynecology etc. Cancer can have complications and they are included in your care.

Q.What kind and stage of cancer did I have?
A. I had stage 4 Breast Cancer ER and PR Positive with metastasis to bones and all lobes of my lungs

Q. Did I do chemotherapy ever?
A. No, Not ever.

Q. How long since you got treatment?
A. 7 years February 7th I went to CMN. August 201, I was completely symptom-free.October 15th 2011, I got the confirmation from a PET CT scan NED (No Evidence of Disease)

Q. Did my twin sister (She also survived breast cancer ) do chemotherapy? Do we have the BRCA gene?
A. My twin sister went to CMN hospital for alternative cancer treatment as well. She is past her 2-year mark of being completely disease free. We do not have the BRCA gene. Here is our twin interview.

Q. Where is CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment?
A. It is in San Luis, Rio Colorado Sonora Mexico. which is a very quiet little town. The people are kind and receive foreigners warmly

Q. Why did I choose CMN Hospital?
A. It is a well-established hospital that has been around for about 35 years. The advanced treatments were what I sought after.

Q. What treatments did you do?
A. Here is a link to their treatment summary.

Q.Why are there no patient testimonies on their website.
A. CMN Doctors do not believe in exploiting cancer patients for marketing purposes. Patients are fighting for their lives and are scared. Most importantly they believe in the oath they swore. The Hippocratic Oath and every variation of it say they promise to keep patient information private so they absolutely keep your information safe from the worldwide web.

Q. What is the success rate of CMN?
A. I urge you to read my article because To answer this question best for all hospitals because we are not clones and everyone handles cancer differently (including self-treatment before going to a hospital). The Truth About the Cancer Success Rate

BONUS Question and Answer #11
Q. What was your diet like during your cancer treatment?
A. I am learning that much of our diet is not about what we eat as much as it is about what’s eating at us. That being said, I worked on the emotional healing and I ate pretty healthily, to begin with. However, I made a few changes like cutting animal protein down to about 20%of my normal intake. I cut out sugar by approximately 80%. That is it while I was healing my body. Today I have cut out gluten because I was getting tummy aches and horrible headaches and realized I have a sensitivity to it. I take digestive enzymes and other supplements like bone broth, collagen and I drink Ionized alkaline water.

BONUS Question and Answer #12
Q. What is the cost?
A. Call them 844-371-1117
CMN’s Admins are warm, kind and genuinely care. They will give you great information without pestering you in the future. They will never call you back unless you asked them to. So ask away! <3

More Answers in this video! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Crossing That Border

Wow. Seven years. Seven years, or 2,557 days since February 7th, 2011 – the day I stepped into CMN Hospital in San Luis Sonora Mexico to fight for my life in a very unconventional way.  I chose alternative cancer treatment and turned down chemotherapy. To this day, people reach out to me and tell me they looked me up online to see if I was still alive after seeing my story years ago of how I beat stage 4 breast cancer without chemotherapy.

I was a different person seven years ago. I remember having to raise money to get to CMN Hospital to do holistic treatments.  When the money was raised (learn how to raise funds for your cancer treatment at Angels for Shannon) I dealt with a lot of fear. I kept putting off the travel to leave for Mexico.  Crossing that border to begin treatment was a huge leap of faith.  I didn’t want to go on my birthday, February 4th, so I didn’t. Then I told my girlfriends who raised the money that I didn’t want to go on Valentine’s Day because they were usually happy days for me and I didn’t want to connect those special days with battling for my life and being in the hospital. My girlfriends, my earth angels as I call them, saw right through what I was doing and called me out on it: I was in denial, the delay was my way of treating my situation not so serious. My family, friends and I had raised enough money for treatment, but I just kept hesitating and trying to change the date because I was dealing with fear. With a mental push, shove, and faith, I was finally out the door and about to step foot in the hospital that I chose to help save my life.

Here I am now, seven years later, alive. The death sentence is completely gone.  I was given three months to a year left to live back in 2010. This year feels a bit different – seven years. Here I am, much farther away from treatment in Mexico, and I’m looking back on when I first walked into CMN Hospital on February 7th. The meaning of this date changes each year. I spent so many years waiting for that significant five-year mark when cancer survivors can take a deep breath and feel like they are finally out of the woods. That was a relief and a cause to celebrate for sure, but this year, at year seven, I am thinking about how I got here.  It was changing perspectives and faith. The choices I made that were based on my God-given intuition.

When I had a recurrence of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2010, I was terrified. The fear was overwhelming. What do you do when a UCLA doctor gives you a very short time span to live? I didn’t know which direction to turn.

Hearing someone tell you that you are going to die, and sooner rather than later, is like having a terrible enemy running after you with all of his might, and you are standing there looking at an arsenal of different weapons to choose from. You have been told that nothing will work, but you see a new one in the mix and feel good about it.  There will be less collateral damage! It feels right, and even though there is no promise, I have a really good feeling about it! I just have to make a decision and get going! I ended up choosing the weapon that many people have not even heard much about alternative cancer treatment. With my back against the wall with modern medicine in the United States, I turned around and ran across the border to Dr. Payan at CMN Hospital. I remember walking into that hospital like it was yesterday. I felt compassion from the moment I arrived, but I still had that terminal diagnosis in the back of my mind. I looked at Dr. Payan and asked him, “What are my chances of beating this?” He said, “Shannon, I will do my best, but I cannot make you any promises. “I will do my best,” he said. “Only God knows for sure, but let’s try!”  I saw his genuine heart and compassion and knew that he was going to try his absolute best. That’s what I wanted hope, good healing treatment and a doctor and medical team with heart.

Here’s the thing: I could have chosen any treatment; I was that sick. I decided to go to CMN Hospital because my body needed “healing,” not to get sicker. I had done radiation, and it failed. The burns were just too much and caused me to get fluid in my lungs, a burned esophagus, and staph infection.  So, I decided to do something that would at least be healing, and this felt like common sense to me. Spoiler alert, no one can promise you a cure. No one. But CMN offered me advanced treatments like dendritic cell therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and more… and I knew that those things would at least help me heal, even if they might not cure me. I let the hospital take care of me. Call me old school, but that’s what I was raised to do. Even with my knee replacements, other surgeries, and having babies.  This was no different. It was choosing a hospital has been around and treated many patients with cancer that have a good reputation. I made that choice and trusted it faithfully

Today, I recognize that my choices led me to realize that healing is what this journey is all about. Physically, try to heal your body first. Whether or not you do chemotherapy, healing your body is essential. Use alternative therapies to restore your body and strengthen it before or after the chemo. If you do it before doing chemo, you could save your life and may never need the chemotherapy.

Furthermore, heal your heart and your mind. Mental and emotional therapies are just as important as physical therapies. I have identified my gifts and talents because of all the adversities in my life, and I am using them! So often, women can’t recognize what they have to offer, even when they are sick. Every day is an opportunity for us to help others.  We all are an answer to someone’s prayer. We can make someone else smile or laugh. Spread the love; there is an endless supply. Sometimes you won’t get to see the impact you make because you are just planting seeds and someone else will come into their lives and nurture the seed.  Because here’s the thing: we were all born to make a difference. It’s not up to you, or to me, to decide how big that difference is. Does it matter if we see the result? Just give your best in every situation.

Seven years ago, I had my head down, scared, but I just wanted to keep moving forward regardless of my pace. I put one foot in front of the other and kept making strides. I knew what my goal was, and I didn’t dare take my eyes off of it. Just… let’s get through today. Ok, now let’s get through tomorrow. Sad to say, but I was afraid to dream too big.  But here I am at year seven, and it is pretty amazing to lift my head up and see a bright future.

What I have learned through this journey is how vital our perspective of daily life challenges are. Think about it: have you ever had a bad day that just seemed to get worse and worse? Maybe it was because you kept thinking about every bad thing that happened rather than taking a moment to say, “God, I am so grateful. I’m breathing, and I can still smile. I have people who love me, and I can love others as well.”  It can feel ridiculous to stop in the middle of a rainstorm or a car crash to say, “Thank you God for all I have that I might take for granted because I’m focusing on other, more pressing matters.” At year seven, I know how powerful my perspective is regarding the outcome of things in my life. Please don’t mistake my gratitude for living with my blinders on or looking through rose-colored lenses. Living with love and appreciation in the forefront of my mind and leading with my heart changes how I see a situation, and how someone else sees it may be completely different, but one thing is for sure… we’re both right! So maybe I have a habit to see the bright side of things when another sees it a little more negatively. That’s okay. What matters is that I live my life with great intentions and know that we all have a purpose; I lead with my heart when I make a decision, and then follow it all the way through. Hesitation or doing something without giving my all is not acknowledging my soul purpose and can diminish my spirit. We deserve the best, every one of us. How can we reach our best if we aren’t giving situations our all? Perspective is everything.

As much as I advise on how emotional, mental, and physical impact our healing, there are times when I have lost sight of it; my perspective has gotten muddied because I allowed stress to take over. It happens to everyone, but just because we are knocked down does not mean we can’t get back up even stronger and with new insight.  Seven years later, I fully understand that this whole life journey is about our soul’s purpose here.  Our soul is evolving in these bodies that we have for just a block of time.  We don’t know how much time we have, yet we live as we have forever. Now I know for sure that my soul’s purpose is about love and learning how to love better each day. It’s about letting go of ego, which means not needing approval from everyone around me.  I cannot please everyone. I have learned how to be independent and yet still serve others.  If I make a choice and people frown on it, I’m good with that… and go with my decision all the way.  I don’t give up. I see it through to the end. And then, year after year, it just gets better. Being authentic in who we are and being more transparent is valuable. I want my kids and grandkids to learn how to trust themselves.  

Today, my faith is stronger, and I listen to my God-given intuition more than ever. I relied heavily on my faith, and that is an integral part of my life journey.  CMN Hospital has a chapel where I spent time alone praying. I would also kneel at the end of my hospital bed and pray for healing and courage to get me through each day. How I handled my journey was important to me. I prayed and talked to God daily, and I have only strengthened my faith in these seven years since.


In the last eleven years, I have been helping women as a certified advocate for domestic violence in the past and present as a cancer advocate.  It is because of so many women over the years opening up to me and sharing the stories of their journey that I was inspired to start life coaching years ago and January I launched One Wildflower Life Coaching. So many of us women battling and pushing through barriers to come up and out of the dark still bloom with beauty. We have experienced some of the most adverse conditions and made it through the roughest terrains. We are wildflowers growing in the most unexpected ways!


I know now more than ever that I could not have done any of this alone. My support group of friends, family, and loved ones – are my earth angels! They were unconditionally supportive of me throughout the entire journey. It is so tempting to isolate and hide when the going gets tough. Want to know a little secret? Letting people in when we are struggling allows us to see that we have angels with us here on earth. The whole idea that we don’t want to be a burden is wrong. We need one another, and this means humbling ourselves to let them in; allowing them to love us. We can accept their help with a grateful heart.  When we have fear and self-pity, we miss out on getting more love and compassion in our lives at a time when we need it most.  Self-compassion means knowing we deserve love. Love is what life is all about!



Good Bye Fear

Goodbye Fear,
It’s time to let you go. You have lied to me and tried making me believe I was worthless. You
held me back from following my dreams. You brought me nightmares and anxiety. Well, guess
what, I got a little curious, and stepped out onto a different path. I found Courage and now
you’ve lost me. I’m moving on and never looking back. I don’t believe your lies anymore. I
remember Courage from a long time ago. Courage was in my life long before you appeared. I learned to
take my first steps as a child with Courage, you were nowhere around! I fell many times, but I
got right back up because of Courage. I learned to be careful and safe and I was brave. I can remember when you first crept into my life. It was a conditioning, you worked me over for a long period of time. So, I
imagine that’s why it took me some time to finally reunite with Courage. I’m sure you’ll try to follow me
and trick me with your lies again, but I’ll turn to Courage every time. So long… I’m free.

So long Fear… I’m free.

Shannon Knight