Broken Heart Syndrome: Link to Cancer

Even in the worst of battles, we can help another. We can go through shock and a broken heart in divorce, loss of a loved one, custody battle, etc. After talking with so many women as a life coach, I believe many of them hold a lot of pain inside and are lovely at showing compassion to others but forget how to have self-compassion. They feel guilt when they look back at the adversities in their life and feel guilt or shame, thinking they could have handled things better or prevented it in the first place.

Sadly, those emotional wounds get left untended, and they never take care of the emotional scars.
They can put them on a shelf for a long time because they don’t want their children to see their pain.
The pain’s got to go somewhere, and eventually, it will.

Broken Heart Syndrome (Cardiomyopathy) is linked to breast cancer and other cancers. Broken heart syndrome, also called takotsubo syndrome, causes the heart’s main pumping chamber temporarily to enlarge, and as a result, it cannot pump blood adequately. It feels like a heart attack, causing chest pain and shortness of breath, and even though there is no heart muscle damage or blockage in the coronary arteries later, there can be other health problems such as cancer.

An international study of patients from 26 medical centers provided the most influential association yet between the syndrome and cancer. New research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association says broken heart syndrome may be linked to cancer.

The study found that one in six people with broken heart syndrome also developed cancer — and they were more likely to die within five years after their diagnosis, compared to those without broken heart syndrome.

We can no longer just look at the physical path to healing cancer while excluding our emotional trauma from the past. We can heal a broken heart, but it does take hard work and time. If I focused on one thing the most on my healing journey, it was the emotional and unresolved pain from past traumas.

I will share a technique with you from my life coaching course. I coined the phrase ost Happiness Triggers and used it in my coaching for women “One Wildflower Life Coaching”.
Many of us know what Post-trauma triggers are. Those who have struggled with symptoms understand what it is like to go through flashbacks, nightmares, and even depression. When your life is threatened, it is not uncommon to go through PTSD.

Although psychotherapy can be beneficial and other clinical techniques, It is also essential to control triggers that can bring happiness and joy.
I give my clients an exercise that has proven effective in helping with anxiety before a doctor’s appointment or pulling themselves out of a flashback.

Try this! Try to remember the happiest time in your life.
Have you ever heard a song that just brings you back to that moment? Make a song list from a time in your past that was the happiest. I have a Spotify song list I listen to that makes me want to dance. I am taken back to the best times were walking to school with my girlfriends and chatting the whole way were the best! The period was from when I was 15 years old, and I was carefree with no worries except when would be the next time I got to hang out with my friends!

Also, I have clients purchase fragrance from that time period. As we know with PTSD, A smell can take you back to trauma, so we need to be focused on what scents brought us the happiest memories. For me, it was “Love’s Baby Soft” and strawberry lip gloss! I bought a strawberry candle that smells just like the Lip Smackers I kept in my pocket. I also have a rose-scented candle that smells like my Kiddle’s doll in a perfume vial I wore around my neck when I was about 11 or 12 years old.

I call all of this prepping “Post Happiness Triggers” to wash away the Post Traumatic Triggers, and it WORKS!

~Shannon Knight