Fundraising Help for Cancer Treatment

 Today, many people seek cancer treatment outside their country because they want a healthier alternative than chemo and radiation. Health insurance will not cover non-FDA Approved treatments. So many people have to resort to fundraising.

I know what it’s like to be there at a crossroads with stage 4 breast cancer having to decide what’s next for treatment and unable to afford the therapies I wanted.

The Best Insurance Will Not Pay for Alternative Treatment

Even though I had the best insurance, it would not cover the cancer treatment 9-10 years ago that saved my life. Asking for money is difficult and it teaches you humility.  I had stage 4 breast cancer, and needed help because I was racing time since my UCLA doctor told me I only had 3-12 months to live. I had to raise money quickly and the stress of that is enormous.


The Emotional Toll With a Failing Fundraiser

I don’t know how I would have done it with out my girlfriends love and support. They were a team and they did everything they could to raise money for me.  I can empathize with the feeling of waking up each morning checking to see if anyone donated. It affects you emotionally and mentally; suddenly your life is valued by whether or not people contribute to your fundraiser. 

It was confusing feeling so desperate and scared and I have to say, It was the only time I questioned my worthiness.  When you know that no one contributed that day, there is an overwhelming feeling of mixed emotions, and the main one is defeat which is why having a team is so important.  They keep you focused and motivated with love and effort.


Encouraging Facts About Algorithm

I want to encourage you with some facts. People are not always able to see the fundraiser posted on Facebook. Research algorithm, and you will understand more about how the newsfeed on Facebook works.  You will realize that many people do not see your posts and learn why. It’s even more of a challenge raising money because of new restrictions for holding events due to COVID. However, I think online events are just as effective if you get creative!

Look at the ALS Foundation that took social media by storm with their ice bucket challenge. It was so powerful and catalytic, and it has raised awareness. Since the campaign started, ALS has raised over $15.6 million through their challenge. I have always tried to find ways to help others creatively come up with ideas.

Engage With Your Donors

I have ideas! It is a great idea to add an endearing video to your fundraising page where you or a loved one talk about why you need their help. It’s an opportunity to share your story and thank everyone for their contribution. You allow people to feel more connected to the person they are giving money to.  When you do video challenges such as the ice bucket one on social media it makes your goal fun and exciting.  There are many creative ideas on what you can do for a challenge.


My Gift to You 

 To help out I am offering my book “Grateful Heart, Memoirs of a Cancer Survivor and Activity Journal” to anyone who is trying to raise money for cancer treatment. All the profits from the book sales will be a donation. For information on how to purchase books at production cost, feel free to contact me. Here is the contact form to reach me at.,I will happily consider speaking at your fundraising event, even if it is a virtual Facebook Live. I can talk about the cancer journey, the importance of donations, and the many crossroads we face.


~Shannon Knight.