It’s been seven years since I first walked into CMN Hospital for their ACT protocol (Alternative Cancer Treatment).  I put together a  list of the most frequent questions I am asked.  I want to emphasize that choosing your cancer treatment is a very personal choice and there are many options.  I am sharing with you from my personal journey of completely healing stage 4 metastatic breast cancer without chemo.


Q. What Hospital did I go to for Alternative Cancer treatment?
A. CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment. An inpatient facility that has a team of all specialties and an ICU should anything happen while you are out of your country you will be in very good hands right there at the hospital. This includes pulmonary, orthopedic gynecology etc. Cancer can have complications and they are included in your care.

Q.What kind and stage of cancer did I have?
A. I had stage 4 Breast Cancer ER 95% and PR 90% Positive HER 2 Negative. Metastasis to bones all lobes of my lungs, collarbone behind trachea

Q. Did I do chemotherapy?
A. No, Not ever.

Q. Did I do radiation?  A. Sternum only to prevent paralysis

Q. How long since you got treatment?
A. I went to CMN Hospital for alternative cancer treatment in San Luis February 7th, 2011.  August 2011, I was completely symptom-free.October 15th 2011, I got the confirmation from a PET CT scan NED (No Evidence of Disease)

Q. Where is CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment?
A. It is in San Luis, Rio Colorado Sonora Mexico. which is a very quiet little town. The people are kind and receive foreigners warmly

Q. Why did I choose CMN Hospital?
A. It is a well-established hospital that has been around for about 35 years. The advanced treatments were what I sought after.

Q. What treatments did you do?
A. Here is a link to their treatment summary.

Q.Why are there no patient testimonies on their website.
A. CMN Doctors do not believe in exploiting cancer patients for marketing purposes. Patients are fighting for their lives and are scared. Most importantly they believe in the oath they swore. The Hippocratic Oath and every variation of it say they promise to keep patient information private so they absolutely keep your information safe from the worldwide web.

Q. What is the success rate of CMN?
A. I urge you to read my article because to answer this question best for all hospitals regarding success rate is to first recognize how unique we are. Each person will respond differently.  

Q. What was your diet like during your cancer treatment?
A. Diet is important but I never followed a strict cancer diet. I am learning that oftentimes it is not what we eat as much as it is about what’s eating at us. That being said, I worked on the emotional healing and I ate pretty healthily, to begin with. However, I made a few changes like cutting animal protein down to about 20%of my normal intake. I cut out sugar by approximately 80%. That is it while I was healing my body. Today I have cut out gluten because I was getting tummy aches and horrible headaches and realized I have a sensitivity to it. I take digestive enzymes and other supplements like bone broth, collagen and I drink Ionized alkaline water.

BONUS Question and Answer #12
Q. What is the cost for the treatment you did at CMN Hospital?
A. Call them 844-371-1117 or visit their website
CMN’s Admins are warm, kind and genuinely care. They will give you great information without pestering you in the future. They will never call you back unless you asked them to. So ask away! <3

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