I first walked into CMN Hospital February 7th 2011 for the life-saving cancer treatments when I had metastatic static stage 4 breast cancer. Here are the most common questions listed below and also in a video.

I hope it helps. Please keep in mind that I am 100% biased about CMN because Dr. Payan saved my life after UCLA told me there was no hope. H God put him in my path. You have to follow your path. I cannot tell you that Dr. Payan can do the same for you. I do not know how sick you are or what treatments you have done in the past. We each have our journey.

What I will tell you is that CMN hospital is by far the cleanest hospital and most compassionate medical team I have ever experienced in my life. I am not alone; there are others who went there. All hospitals are going to have patients who respond to their treatments and some who do not. Be realistic when searching for treatment.

Q. What Hospital did I go to for Alternative Cancer treatment?
A. CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment. An inpatient facility that has a team of all specialties and an ICU should anything happen while you are out of your country; you will be in excellent hands right there at the hospital orthopedic gynecology etc. Cancer can have complications, and they are included in your care. www.cmnact.com

Q.What kind and stage of cancer did I have?
A. I had stage 4 Breast Cancer ER 95% and PR 90% Positive HER 2 Negative. Metastasis to bones all lobes of my lungs, collarbone behind the trachea

Q. Did I do chemotherapy?
A. No, Not ever. Not even IPT or chemo pills.

Q. Did I do radiation?

A. Sternum only to prevent paralysis

Q. How long since you got treatment?
A. I went to CMN Hospital for alternative cancer treatment in San Luis on February 7th, 2011. In August 2011, I was completely symptom-free. October 15th, 2011, I got the confirmation from a PET CT scan NED (No Evidence of Disease)

UPDATE March 3rd, 2020 Cancer free over 8 years.

Q. Where is CMN Hospital?
A. San Luis, Rio Colorado Sonora Mexico. which is a very quiet little town. The people are kind and receive foreigners warmly

Q. Why did I choose CMN Hospital?
A. It is a well-established hospital that has been around for about 35 years. The advanced treatments were what I sought after. I was advanced they have an ICU and an Emergency Department with 24-hour care. When you are not in your country the last thing you want is for something to go wrong and have to be transported to a hospital or back across the border. Stage 4 is serious.

Q. What treatments did you do?
A. Here is a link to CMN hospitals I did many treatments and I suggest talking face to face with Dr. Payan about the treatments. CMN treatment summary.

Q.Why are there no patient video testimonies on CMN’s website.  Click red paragraph to read entire interview.
A. A quote from an interview from Dr. Payan “We assure the patients that we will do all we can to heal them.” It shows the integrity of CMN Hospital, and what is even more compelling is that you won’t find patient testimonial videos on CMN’s website. This is intentional, according to Dr. Payan, as it keeps each patient’s medical history confidential. He said, “I close the door behind me with each patient I visit to provide a secure and safe environment. They confide in me, and it is my ethical duty to maintain their privacy, even long after my patients have been discharged. They need to focus on their healing once they arrive home. It is not their job to market for the hospital and bring in our business. Nevermind the fact that it breaches the Hippocratic Oath. My team and I take our doctor-patient relationships very seriously, and we never want to pressure patients into compromising their privacy in order for us to compete with other hospitals. Compassionate care is our number one priority.”

Q. What is the success rate of CMN?
A. I urge you to read my article because answering this question best for all hospitals regarding the success rate is first recognize how unique we are. There are many variables to consider.

Q. What was your diet like during your cancer treatment?

A. Diet is important, but I never followed a strict cancer diet. I am learning that often it is not what we eat as much as it is about what’s eating at us. That being said, I worked on the emotional healing, and I ate pretty healthily, to begin with. I take digestive enzymes, and other supplements like bone broth, collagen, and I drink Ionized alkaline water.
Q. What is the cost for the treatment you did at CMN Hospital?
A. Call them 844-371-1117 or visit their website www.cmnact.com

Photos of me at CMN