Last Dance with my Father

We both had cancer in this video. Dad stepped into heaven on May 31, 2019, after a long battle with cancer. I miss him, but oh, how I relive this dance over and over. I hear his words of wisdom and how he always lifted me up and supported me in my goals. The three men in my life with the most beautiful hearts and most extraordinary compassion I have ever witnessed are my father, Robert DiConti, my son, Kyle Young, and my darling husband, Michael Madden. I am so blessed. Make Good Memories! Cherish the moments. When we fight with loved ones, we make a memory of regret, so be mindful of your moments. I loved dancing with my dad as early as when he had me dancing on the tip of his toes. I remember how significant this moment was because I didn’t know if he or I would survive cancer, I already was staged 4, and dad was private about his details. This was our father-daughter moment, a memory I am happy I have. When I watch this, I know dad is smiling in heaven with me and dancing. I still see his smile and feel his arms around me, twirling me with joy in his heart and making me feel like a princess. “Cinderella”-Steven Curtis Chapman