There are no guarantees on life or death but there is always HOPE!

Just because one doctor or one hospital says to you, “Nothing else can be done to save you from cancer” This does not mean it is true! THIS IS A LIE! I was told this very same lie. The doctors meant well but they are not God, they did not know of every healing therapy in our world! I survived because I chose not to believe in their limitations as a truth. They obviously did not know the potential of my body’s ability to heal! Why me? I’m not extraordinary and more worthy of healing than you! We all have hope and potential. It varies but there are many of us out there who healed from stage 4 cancer.Doctors who say this don’t want to take responsibility for giving patients hope; even if it is slim. I would never back down from a fight to save my life! If I give up death is certain. If I don’t give up, I have hope for healing!
I’m a little riled up today and angry! This is a right to one of my God-given emotions! I’m furious! I cannot believe that so many stage 4 cancer patients are told there is nothing else to be done. I know MANY survivors of stage 4, and this is absolutely a horrible thing for them say to them! WHY NOT GIVE PATIENTS THE TRUTH! There is always HOPE! THE DOCTORS DOING THIS TO THEM ARE FORGETTING COMPASSION. Most of all they are following the book on what to say to patients when they have run out of drugs to try or they say this to patients who refuse the chemo just I as I refused!There is not a guarantee of life with ANY treatment, but HOPE is something you can still give to your patients! I understand when the vital signs are poor and they are truly too ill to fight that you need to prepare family. Compassion is not saying, give up and get your affairs in order to someone who drove their car feeling perfectly fine and telling them there is nothing else to be done for them. It is only a guarantee that there is NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN DO, and that your hands are tied by the FDA on what you are PERMITTED to use for treatment. All of us know there are survival stories out there and patients are leaving the country to continue trying to fight for their life!Cancer warriors who are angry because you tried plan A or plan B and it did not work. You feel a burst of fight still in you? If so then you can still try plan C, D or E! Try all the letters and then there are numbers. I had hope and am alive because of it. I couldn’t give up! I held on to hope.Doctors, it is more ethical to give your patients hope that there COULD BE ANOTHER WAY (whisper it in your patient’s ear to not give up and say, “You didn’t hear it from me” Keep fighting. Is that so hard to do? Just tell them that others have recovered with other cancer alternative treatments which unfortunately they are unable able to offer legally. Their hands are tied by our FDA so they cannot try other treatments with you that could work and heal you. Their chemo may not have worked for you, but this does not mean it is over!!! This does not mean you are destined to die! No guarantees yet anywhere but still, there are other available treatments and ways to keep fighting. People are beating stage 4! It is not a death sentence!When one doctor GIVES UP, or a hospital says they cannot save you all this means is that “THEY cannot save you! ” That is their TRUTH

Their truth will scare you, it will make you believe all is lost but it is only true for this facility, and they have just revealed to you the limit of THEIR ABILITIES!

UCLA gave me a death sentence of a year or less left to live in 2010! SERIOUSLY!? It’s now 2018 and I am free of disease! My whole family believed the lies too and were terrified!

Fear makes us panic, have anxiety and fall to a million pieces, and we believe lies.
When fear subsides, let your intuition guide you! That’s what I did. That’s what my sister did. Quiet the mind and the noise of anxiety and fearful thoughts circling in a frenzy in your mind.


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