The pain, afflictions, and challenges you are trying to handle can feel like too much sometimes. You are not alone in this. Our Heavenly Father hears your prayers today as you pray with me.

Where two or more are gathered in Your name Lord Jesus, You are there. (Matthew18:20)

Hear our prayer, Oh Lord, for all who need Love, comfort, security, and hope. Our prayers are for all who are suffering from panic, anxiety, or depression. If it is Your will and timing to give them mercy and grace, we pray for this and patiently wait so we can see what blessings You are trying to reveal first. We ask You, Father, to open our eyes and see evidence of Your Love and comfort each day. You still bless us with miracles, and I pray for all of us to see and appreciate them.

Every breath I take in of Your Love, and every exhale is a prayer dedicated to You Lord asking for comfort for anyone who is at a breaking point where they feel this world is delivering too much for them to handle.

Lord, You command us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. (Matthew 22:39)

Please provide truth to anyone who believes the lie that loving themselves is selfish. Loving ourselves as You do is Holy.

Self-Love is loving ourselves for what You created us to be. It is honoring, respecting, and cherishing all the light, Love, and goodness, you breathed in us from the day we were born. When we Love ourselves as You do, we can love others without ultimatums, hate, resentment, or disrespect. Your Love is unconditional, and we must follow your example of this Great Love.

We must have self-compassion in order “to love others.

When we have shame, self-criticism, guilt, and resentment, we cannot love others as You ask us to. It is an insincere imitation to please another. We must accept Your Love first, and then the Love you gave us will pour out genuinely.

I pray for all who are afraid to receive your Love so they themselves can have self-compassion. I pray for each of us to expand our hearts today to the fullest. So we can allow Your Love to fill it up to maximum capacity. We know that when we do this, we will be able to pour your gifts of Love, Light, and Tenderness out to others.


In Jesus’ name, I ask for all of these blessings for everyone in need. We pray together in faith with every breath of life we take.


Love Always, Your daughter Shannon.