My brother Stephan’s Birthday today! I love his faith in God, and how, when we get on the phone, our conversations will always be from one hour to four hours! He is a good father, brother, grandfather, husband, and friend!
We have the same values, faith, and his heart is so beautiful! I am immeasurably blessed xo.
Below is a story of my best funniest brother-sister memory. Stephan was quite the prankster growing up, and we had a lot of laughs.

One Christmas, Stephan picked me up to get a Christmas tree. We were broke!
He knew my daughter wanted a Christmas tree decked out in pink.
I was a single mom with Kyle and Jess, and Stephan was staying over a few days. He said, “C’mon we’re going to get you a tree!” I said, but I only have $26. He said, I can help out a little, and off we went!
He took me to the Christmas tree lot, and we saw this Dr. Seuss looking tree laying in the dirt, and it cost more than what we had together, but he talked to the guy working in the tree lot privately and walked up to me and said he got a good deal for the tree, but there was a condition. I said, “What?” He said you have to kiss the tree lot guy under their mistletoe! I said what?!
I’ll be straight-up here on this part- I said, Okay, but then I want the mistletoe too!! I gave the tree lot guy a quick pathetic kiss, and we got that tree, threw it in the back of his pickup, and headed to Target to get cheap pink decor for Jessica.

The store was packed! He said I’ll wait out here with the tree, so no one steals it. I thought. “Right, who’s going to steal a Christmas tree?” I got a few surprisingly lavish pink holiday trimmings for the tree with the money we had left and got in the long line at the checkout.

Suddenly, I see my tall brother at the storefront doors standing 6’4 “easy to spot him in a crowd. He is waving at me with a confused look on his face.
I’m getting worried about him, he’s pacing a little, and I’m feeling anxious to get through the checkout. I finally make it over to him, and he says, “Oh Sis, someone stole our Christmas tree!” I said what!? He said yeah, I had to use the bathroom and came inside just for a few minutes, and when I came back outside, I saw these guys taking off with it. He went on and said, “I tried chasing them down and could not catch up!”
I was so shocked and kept thinking about it being Christmas Eve. My mind was whirling, trying to figure out how to explain to the kids that there would not be a Christmas tree this year. I had to tell them basically; the grinch exists!
We got in his truck, and I turned towards the window to hide my tears, and finally, he said, “Sis, are you okay?” I didn’t answer because my tears would have flooded.
Finally, he pulled the truck over, got out, and opened my door, and saw my face smeared with tears. He said, “Oh my goodness, sis, I had no idea this would make you cry. I choked out the words, “who…sniffle…would…sniffle..steal…a Christmas tree.. sniffle…and then loudly half crying… AND ON CHRISTMAS EVE? Bawling now,” I failed Jessica, and I kissed a stranger underneath the mistletoe for nothing!

Stephan noticed my quietness and suspected I took it real hard.
He said oh no sis, I have to fess up; The Christmas tree is safe at home. I wanted to play a joke but did not know it would hurt you? He hugged me, and I was so relieved the tree was home. I was so grateful to him, even in my distress.

What I appreciate so much about Stephan is his playfulness, creativeness, and sensitive kind heart.

I love good memories and think it’s important to be mindful of how important it is to be able to look back and remember the good times.