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I worked at Victoria’s Secret 15 years and wore it daily! I wore the underwire push-up bras too which block the lymphatic system. We have so much of this being sold, and breast cancer is just skyrocketing. I sold all of this and contributed to the problem. We have to educate to eradicate! The beauty industry will have to change, but we are a part of that change. So don’t just read this, take action, share this information privately or publicly. Research more to see if I am correct.

Please Read the labels. If it has—> Methyl paraben, parabenPropyl Paraben, Ethyl paraben, Butyl paraben, E216

Breast cancer is on the rise ladies, so please read the labels of your skin products.  I think the combination of many things that we can control is killing us. Parabens, vitamin D deficiency, tight fitting bras/ underwire compromising adequate lymph drainage, which puts you at risk to the development of breast cancer or just poor health. Now add unaddressed emotional pain, and poor diet, not enough exercise and not drinking enough water and you’ve got the perfect storm just rising, waiting to happen.Think back to what you have been doing in your life, your habits.

I speak with many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and then they immediately begin juicing daily thinking this is the fix all and I learned something from them, many have iron deficiency and are underweight. I talk to them on the phone and the question they always ask me first because it is the least expensive “Fix it solution” in their head ” So Shannon, what is your diet like?” Diet did NOT cause my problem, and it did not cure me”. I eat as organic and healthy as possible, but I will do gentle detoxes now and then. You can go into a book store and find hundreds of books on cancer diets. I believe that it works for some but to be stage 4 and rely on that alone when your life is in danger…I would think about everything and consider all options.

Diet did NOT cause my problem, and it did not cure me”. I certainly eat as organic and healthy as possible, and will do gentle detoxes now and then. There are hundreds of books on cancer diets. I believe that it eating healthy is great for everyone but I think we need to look at the product labels to see what toxins are absorbing directly into our blood stream.

I talk to so many women stricken with breast cancer who are terrified to deviate from juicing and will never eat a balanced meal again. Many are taking the drug tamoxifen or other estrogen blockers as well. I am not knocking the juicing; I am asking you to evaluate your entire situation.

Not everyone is likely to reverse cancer with just juicing I get sad emails sometimes where the woman is blaming herself and panicked because the juicing did not work.  I know it works for some but we need to understand the type of cancer and do the research.  I do eat my veggies and fruits and lots of them!  I prefer to chew my food instead of liquefying it. 

Please try to address these other things, ladies. It makes sense. Keep juicing if you like but do not ignore the other things that can contribute besides your diet.


I stopped using paraben products, increased sunshine to get my vitamin D level up, I started swimming, dancing and jump rope. I improved my diet by 25% I never actually ate bad except for a short period eating frozen “Healthy Choice” meals and drank Starbucks. Just about a year though. I eat a balanced organic gluten free diet; my life is stress-free compared to three years ago. I also ditched tight-fitting under-wire bras and switched to comfy stretch lace and other fabrics that still offered support and looked pretty.

PS. Include laughter in your life no matter how grim life feels, rent movies and find a reason to laugh; it is EXCELLENT for the immune system.
I rarely ask for people to share… but I think this one could make a difference, maybe save lives! Sharing this one is caring about women (even if it is in a blog or private email, we need just to get the word out )