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Favorite Quote:

“She designed a life that she loved.” -Unknown

Give yourself permission to be happy.

Key Points:

-Shannon fully recovered from Stage 4 breast cancer physically and emotionally. Her cancer spread to her bones and lungs. Since August 2011, Shannon has been cancer-free!
-She learned to appreciate each day.
-Happiness meant so much to her.
-Shannon decided to take full responsibility for her life by seeking healing therapy and for her attitude.
-She created Angels for Shannon to help raise money for her treatment in alternative therapies.
-She recognizes that each person, including her own family, has their own path. She took control and walked her own path.
-Her twin sister also got the same cancer and went through the same treatment with Shannon’s urging.
-Shannon helps women going through cancer to have hope. Part of this is to encourage these women to give. When we give, we are also helping ourselves.
-She went through both physical and emotional trauma throughout her life before cancer, including being stalked.
When believing that we have shame and guilt from what happens to us, Shannon said, “This is the great lie that lives within us. We are not what happens to us.”

“Our attitude about what happens to us, transforms us.” -Shannon Knight
“The journey of breaking and being mended is the beauty. Until a wound runs its length, we don’t see the full beauty of someone else.” -Shannon Knight

Three Tips:

1. Evaluate our support system.
-Look at it whether it’s realistic or unrealistic from what to expect from them.
-Get a spiral notebook and write down a page for each support person and look at it from the perspective of realistic versus unrealistic.
2. Does this make me happy? Do what makes you happy. Have passion for what you do.
3. Look at the dark stuff as helping lead you to your true path. This includes being rejected. “Rejection is redirection.”

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