My husband sent me this picture the other day when I felt so emotionally weak. We all have hard times hit. My dog Louie got out it was devastating at 6 AM.  He only has three legs and I had to call out for him up and down streets.  He is practically blind and can see his way around the house but the neighborhoods are unfamiliar territory. My heart was racing.   Louie is definitely an emotional support dog for me and I think I offer him support too. Louie and I both went through cancer twice which is why he only has three legs now.  He still follows me everywhere and now with him out and lost this was tragic. I

I felt like I failed my little guy even though I found him hopping blocks a way in an alley and I must say he looked more frail then when he is in the house.  The picture my husband sent had several meanings in the message  he wrote with it.  One was that he realized how important Louie was to me throughout our life together,  Louie is turning 13 years old next month but most of all my husband made me realize it is okay to be vulnerable and tired and to let someone else carry the load when you are weary.  I became aware of just how attached I am to my little buddy.
The day was rough even after Louie was home and I could not shake the emotional shock.  I knew I had to surrender it all to God, especially when I have no understanding of why I could not shake off all the emotions.  It felt like my world had flipped upside down. Panic and anxiety can hit you so hard, and it can feel like the emotional pain will last forever. It doesn’t, it never has, even though in those moments, it felt like I would be changed forever and that I could never light up bright again.

Hold on and let others take care of you, Ask God to show you the way and let Him handle all that you give over to hIm with complete trust. Let go for a little while so He can do what He does BEST.
Meanwhile, allow the knowledge of how deserving you are of self-compassion to wash over you completely. It’s the same compassion our Heavenly Father has for us when we let go and surrender it all to Him. Take care of yourself right now with the deepest compassion.

If it’s a few days in your comfy bed, watching old favorite movies or an art project -I did a painting of my dog Louie while listening to my happy music playlist on Spotify and then I snuggled up in bed and watched movies for the rest of the day. The music playlist has songs that take me back to when I was 15 years old and carefree!

My husband brought me Cherry Garcia Ice Cream (A fav I rarely indulge in) after work, and I ate it without one bit of guilt in bed while continuing watching movies.
I pampered me; I allowed my husband to pamper me, and most of all, I let God’s healing love in my heart. I promise you that your spirit will feel restored, and you will light up again! It’s a storm, so bunker down and ride it out while allowing God to work on all surrounding forces trying to work against you. I got through it in 24 hours, and the more I do this, the quicker I can get through it. Resisting and trying to be what I think I should, only prolongs the pain.
“Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7