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It may be time for you to get that beautiful picture of you out when you were a child. It could change your life! This is for anyone who is not feeling good about themselves or maybe about the direction their life is going in. If you feel like you were meant to do more with your life and there’s this faint voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you so, maybe it’s time to listen. Do you have a dream you have been holding onto but are afraid to take that first step? Perhaps there is something much more serious going on in your life and you just know this is not the path you want to be on and need a little encouragement.

We’ve all had experience with positive and negative messages at school, work and growing up. They were part of what shaped us into who we are today. The positive and negative collectively shaped us. Some of us have a harder time than others removing the negative ones from our memory because they latched on early in childhood. Children are vulnerable and what we say to them becomes a big influence and impacts their self esteem. It can prevent them from living their life to its fullest potential. The great thing is, we can change anything we want to with our messages to our self.

A great self esteem exercise that you can do which requires only a picture of you when you were a baby or small child. Find one you really like and tape it to your mirror. If you don’t have one that young, just find the youngest you picture you have. If you are really serious about getting rid of old negative messages and smothering them with new positive ones, then go ahead and be the master of this project and make several small copies and put them in places you frequent like your car, your refrigerator or your desk at work. What you put in, you definitely will get out of this one! Tape a baby picture on your ceiling if your feeling ambitious, so it’s the first thing you see when you get up in the morning as a reminder.

This baby picture you are looking at, is still you after all these years! That’s right, take a long loving look at that beautiful, cute, baby face, now give it a kiss! I’m having fun now! But why not! Get ready to love you, all over again. Tell her or him gently but spoken out loud, with love what she deserves and what kind of life you want for her right now, in the present. Tell her how deserving she is of love and respect. “You deserve nothing but the best”. Go ahead and explain, give detailed examples of what that experience is going to be for her when she gets the best. Speak out all the positive things you see in him, all his attributes, qualities and gifts. Tell him how smart, loving and talented he is, name them all. Tell her the positive truths about her and all her great potential. Love her or him. Love you.

Do not defend any of the criticisms from your past that were laid upon you carelessly. Those words don’t deserve any more attention. For example, saying “You are not stupid”, gives stupidity the power. Instead, speak positively, saying, “You are so bright and intelligent!”. The power is definitely given to the positive words, “a bright and intelligent”. Eventually all the positive messages will smother the negative ones. When we say anything positive or negative out loud it has a physical impact on a person. Research studies have proven this.

The mind is so amazing and you will be doing something so purposefully beautiful and deserving for yourself that there can truly only be one outcome; A life that you are choosing for yourself, the best life. You will be loving yourself!