Video for Father


When I say I love you dad, it isn’t enough for a father like you. Some words in the heart have never been written and they never will… they’re just felt. It’s like feeling many things at once, a peaceful evening breeze blowing through my room after a hard day at work, looking at giant oak trees on a hike, listening to the birds sing in the early morning and a constant feeling of my character being known and appreciated all my life by you.

You know me and answer my questions with patience,love, concern and honesty. There will never be a word that can hold all of this that I feel for you dear father and it only grows in it’s spectacular definition as we get older. The word would be the most beautiful word ever written. You have never broken my heart so there has also been a great reassurance of love in my life and there still is. I will always have your unconditional love and respect and I will never be alone in this world. Your love for me is unchanging. I hope you know that even though I am just one of 5 of your children that I love you so much, that if we all love you with that same amount of love, well then…you are a very blessed father.

Thank you for believing in my abilities, my talents and for appreciating even the littlest gifts I have from God. I see them more clearly because you shine a light on them and help me see that they have value and that I can do a great deal that is worthy if I keep working at it and never give up. I love you for that lesson in my life.

Your Loving Daughter
Jennifer (Shannon)