Adversity forces us to stretch and find solutions to problems we would never have considered. As a result, we discover new abilities. You will gain confidence and move through challenges victoriously. It changes your attitude and perspective. You will feel better equipped and tackle problems that once seemed enormous. Motivation can spark us to take a challenge head-on instead of procrastinating.

When you do so successfully, you can look back at the colossal mountain you climbed. You will see how far you’ve come from sitting in a problem for too long. The powerlessness is gone, and you’re taking action.

Now you can see adversity as an opportunity to learn new things. It took time and effort to climb that mountain, and now that you reached the top, you see all you overcame. You’re able to bounce back from adversity much quicker.

Now, you have new approaches to significant problems. Your tenacity, courage, and hard work blazed a trail that no doubt others will follow.