Dear God,
Amid the desert I am walking in, you see my pain and struggles. Thank you for never forgetting me. I know I have doubted your presence when I walked in fear and darkness. I am lifting the veil of deceit that keeps me separated from you so I may see Your lighted path. 

My mind wanders off with worry and confusion sometimes, please help me stay focused on You. I realize the world’s chaos has kept me distanced from You many times. I confess all my sins, especially anger, resentment, and unwillingness, to forgive others.  When I reached out for ways to appease me instead of praying for Your comfort, please forgive me.

I need Your help to strengthen my relationship with you.  I know all I need to do is seek You first and You will fill me with Your Spirit. My heart is crushed and I know only You can heal my heart in every place it has been broken. Father I ask for You to fill my heart with Your Grace and my mind with Your truth and wisdom.

Lord, please calm the storm of panic and anxiety in my heart.  You are the great Comforter and I need to heal so can share Your Love and comfort with others. Transform my depression and fear into joy and courage to face another day. I have nothing to fear when I remember that You are before me, behind me, and beside me.

Thank You Lord
In Your Sweet Son, Jesus’ Name, Amen.