Heavenly Father,
I heard You loud and clear.
I woke up with an excruciating headache. I told my husband it felt like my head was going to explode wide open. My husband gave me medication. I got out of bed and went to the living room and prayed passionately to You for help. I kept taking deep breaths and prayed for you to breathe healing relief into me.
During my prayers, I got a clear message from You for your army to pray together and unite and not to keep Your message or prayers to ourselves. You led me firmly to write this prayer for all of us.

So much turmoil is going on in our world. People are filled with fear and anxiety. We need to help each other grow stronger in faith.
I give thanks first for the message. You gave me and secondly for the relief I now have from the pain.
I try to be open to hear and obey those crucial messages from You. When I do, I have never regretted it.

Oh, Holy Father,
We come to You in mighty prayer, please remind us that You are so close to us, a Light for all to see. We dedicate every breath we breathe day and night to join others who pray to You in Jesus’ name. Let our prayers all across the nation and around the world be heard. Many people are confused and have gotten so caught up in all the tragedies in our world that it causes them to feel distanced from You. We need to remember. You are here with us. We give every breath. You breathed into us, to You in united prayer. You have made us Your army. We accept Your Son Jesus as our Lord and Savior and are grateful for Your forgiveness and salvation.
We begin praying together right now with deep, slow breaths of acknowledgment and gratitude for all we have. We thank you for every blessing that has gone unnoticed. As we breathe in, may we fill our heart and soul with Your Holy Spirit and Grace. As we exhale fully, may we breathe out Your Love and the forgiveness You asked us to give one another as Jesus did for us.

Love is needed to heal our nation. With each breath throughout our day, we dedicate it to You. Please lift up all our prayers to heal our nation from civil unrest, violence, and corruption.

Lord, help each of us endure through the individual challenges we each face so we can do our part in helping others. Lord, we ask you to always help us find the right words to say when choosing to speak or write. Help us make sure our words are approved by You. We thank You for the gift You gave us to communicate Your Love with one another. Help us get more wrapped up in You than we do with the media entertainment’s earthly drama used to infuse fear, chaos, and confusion. We know it, and we feel it.
We ask You to help us be more discerning in our choices.
We continue to pray for the world and every soul who is suffering and needs comfort. We pray for the ill and all who are trying to cope with panic, fear, anxiety, or depression. God of peace and Love guide us into new ways of finding hope and peace immediately.

During these seemingly never-ending times of anxiety, panic, and guilt from hate, anger, violence, and grant us patience and sensitivity towards those affected during the pandemic. Please lift all our prayers for all who ask for forgiveness. Receive each breath of prayer for the confused children, victimized, lost, and suffering. Hear our prayer for the children who are facing challenges due to families’ facing added stress.

Receive our prayers for Your presence to be seen in every miracle and creation. We pray for the wisdom of the mind, heart, and Spirit of all our leaders as they try to determine a way forward. Light their path with all our prayers.
With each breath, we pray in unison for Your Grace. Help each of us do our part as we continually seek to heal in our own communities and heal the Earth, as we face natural disasters in so many parts of the world. We pray for all in the paths of natural disasters, famine, violence, and all who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. We pray for you to fill all of us with Your Holy Spirit as the tensions are high everywhere we turn. As we pray, we will continue to breathe in peace, and breathe out Your Love. Help us to remember your gift of life and how each breath can be a prayer for all. Even the weak, sick, or frightened can dedicate the blessing you gave us of every breath as a prayer for hope and healing that is so desperately needed.

We close with a deep breath receiving your Love, and we exhale Your Love, Light, Forgiveness, and Grace to all. May we be reminded with each breath to appreciate blessings so we can find joy along the way amidst all the chaos. In Jesus’ name, we lift our fervent prayers to You. We have faith that you are so close to us, You are the breath we breathe, in Jesus’ name we always look to You for guidance and ask you, Father, to hear our sincere prayers for one another. Thank you with all our hearts and faith in You.

From your daughter, and everyone who prays together as brothers and sisters with me here 🙏

Psalms 150:6
Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.
Job 33:4
“The Spirit of God has made me,
And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
Ezekiel 37:10 The breath entered them, and they came alive! They stood up on their feet, a great army!