Yesterday, I was in the grocery store standing at the end of a very long line feeling exhausted. I mean in every way; emotionally, physically and mentally. Our family experienced a tragic death with a loved one this week, and it had taken its toll on me, on all of us). I live alone, and I can go weeks maybe longer without a hug (Never take a hug for granted if you have loved ones close by HUG THEM )

There was a man in the lane next to me with red vine licorice and Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds. He’d be checked out and on his way in no time! He surprised me with his kindness when he asked me if I would like to go into his lane and go before him. I said,” No, thank you”? He didn’t give up; he asked again as if “YES” would be the only answer he would accept. I said no one more time and thanked him again. He asked a third time, and I surrendered with great relief to not have to stand in line anymore.

He went ahead and showed what I call loving kindness. (Loving kindness is where instead of giving a hungry child a piece of bread, you put a little jam on it before you give it to him). The man opened up his red vine licorice and reached the package over to me. He said, “Here take one, you need a break” I was going to say no (Not sure why), because I don’t eat sugar? I don’t know, but I said “yes, instead and thanked him.

I felt surrounded by random kindness, I felt relief and cared for by a complete stranger. I thanked him as he assisted me by handing me a few of my groceries to make it easier as I unloaded my cart. I ate that licorice! It was the best piece of candy I ever had because of how I received it. Those are the little diamonds in my life I cherish forever. We said goodbye and when I unloaded my cart in the trunk of my car I felt happy. I got in and could not start my vehicle just yet because tears started pouring down my cheek. They were mixed tears of relief and joy that this type of kindness still exists in all of us.

Today, I needed a couple of things and had to go back to the grocery store. I saw the sunflower seeds and red vine licorice at the checkout, and my heart smiled! I purchased them always to remind myself to pay that kindness forward and I will too!