Accept the love that makes you laugh and feel like you are not number one, but their “only one”, anything less than that, well…you are just settling. You have value, you are certainly meant to be cherished by one that will not be able to imagine someone else in your place and to reciprocate the same way. A soulmate is pulling you in constantly and the love will grow between you. It may be a journey getting there, but once you are there, you will be inseparable and no other man or woman can come between you. You are home after a long journey. Every tear that was shed and all those restless nights where you were longing for more from someone that was not meant for you will suddenly have new clarity.

You will be glad it did not work out because you will realize what it feels like to be with your true match. It will probably make you shake and feel awkward because you are so used to trying to force love into happening, working and fixing it. This will have a force that will be unlike anything you have felt. You may back up from it but you will know it and you will trust this love unlike any other.

Don’t fight for a position in someone else’s life. If you are trying to fit into the life of someone you think loves you or you think in time they will and it has been a very long time. STOP, Let go… That’s obsession. If it is meant to be you will not have to fight for it, you will know it without a doubt because love is like that, it does not require manipulating. Don’t be distracted by what you know in your heart is not meant for you but is one-sided and completely unhealthy and you just do not want to let go. You may only be just idle amusement for that person until they find their soulmate and you are prolonging your own inevitable pain of having to let go. It will lead to a dead end for you if there is no reciprocation. Temporary moments of joy mingled with longing and heartache is not as great as total fulfillment and the mutual reassurance of knowing you are loved completely and belong together.

Be patient, there is love for everyone, your soulmate will need to see you are available. Your soulmate is on a journey heading towards you. You deserve to get back in love what you give. Soulmates will give to each other and the love will be balanced and mutual. It really is like two puzzle pieces connecting instead of trying to cram the wrong two pieces together.

~ Shannon Knight