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Music is a healer; although it isn’t tangible, it has the power to completely change your mood or perspective and has brought people together for centuries. I am almost constantly listening to music whenever possible. I dance in my kitchen, dance for body movement, and just to boost my mood. There is scientific evidence that music has healing properties connected to the brain. By this, “When pleasurable music is heard, dopamine is released in the striatum — an ancient part of the brain found in other vertebrates as well — which is known to respond to naturally rewarding stimuli like food and sex and which is artificially targeted by drugs like cocaine and amphetamine. But what may be most interesting here is when this neurotransmitter is released: not only when the music rises to a peak emotional moment, but also several seconds before, during what we might call the anticipation phase.”

I believe that music is magical and can impact our lives in measurable ways. Something important that I have learned and studied is how certain frequencies of music help us to fight anxiety and panic attacks. Also known as the Solfeggio frequencies, these key frequencies “(396hz – 417hz – 528hz – 639hz – 741hz – 852hz), penetrates [sic] deep into the conscious and subconscious mind, drawing forth emotional reactions which we are sometimes unable to control completely.” The frequencies I most rely on are 432, 528, and 852 Hz (hertz).

417 Hz is “connected with resonation processes or processes of amplification. Re can “delete” person’s “alienation from God” and enable returning to the “right path.” This solfeggio frequency cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It also can be used for cleaning limiting impression, which disables the person to achieve her life goals. When speaking of cellular processes, tone Re encourages the cell and its DNA to function in an optimal way. 417 Hz frequency energizes your body cells and helps to use their creative potentials.”

528 Hz is specifically “used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state.  If it is used in a way described in Webster’s dictionary – by communicating the wanted effect and with energy support from the “light” – miracles will happen! Beneficial effects follow the process of DNA reparation – increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance, and celebration. It also opens the person for profound spiritual experiences and spiritual enlightenment.”

Finally, 852 Hz is “directly connected to the third eye chakra and can be used as means for awakening inner strength & self-realization. It is useful for dissolving stagnate mental energy from to over-thinking. (mental activity) It is said to clear up energy blockages that before has hindered clear and strong communication with our higher self, spirit guides, and spirit helpers. The 852hz solfeggio to play either clean as is or as a background sound to other audio.”

Music is all around us, whether we take the time to tune in or not. When we’re listening, we can implement the healing power of music to help our brain help us relax and calm down during panic attacks or times of stress. These techniques work wherever you are and with whatever time you have. You are in full control and can use this as often as you’d like to! I recommend that you listen to this music through headphones or earbuds to send the frequencies directly to your brain, rather than on a stereo or other speaker.

For example, you can lay in your bedroom and listen to music that is set to 945 Hz; I recommend this especially when I am trying to wind down for bed following a panic attack. I will even sleep with this music playing!

Or, if you get nervous or anxious on your way to doctor’s appointments or check-ups, I recommend putting in your earbuds for 5-15 minutes while you’re sitting in the vehicle before you leave for your appointment and again after you arrive. While you are driving, unplug your headphones and listen to the frequencies through your car stereo.

If you would like to check out some of the music that I listen to when I am focused on my healing, click here.