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Success in my life never came from playing it safe. I always was a bit of a scaredy cat. Fear always seemed to be in the front line of any path I had to choose that was right for me. My faith in God has always washed that away. Courage was always what followed later on. I had faith and trusted that I could push through and do what I needed to do. When I was diagnosed with cancer and chose the cancer treatment I felt was best for me there had been criticism from people before, during and after my treatment.We cannot expect everyone to agree with us. I believe in miracles and God’s ability to heal even when everything seems futile. We are unique and there is a different plan for each of us. If we have faith this can make all the difference in the world about how we approach our life.

I learned that at the beginning of striving for a new goal, it felt like I was wearing my shoes on the wrong feet or someone else’s shoes entirely. It took getting used to. It did not mean I was on the wrong path. Sometimes I didn’t have support from people around me; people I was used to having there by my side. It wasn’t because they didn’t care. They cared so much that they could not get to where I was, we were in separate worlds for a while. I had God with me though and I prayed.

Being alone with God in your walk is sometimes temporary and it may feel scary sometimes not having someone to hold you. Pray, have faith and just hold on another day. Success may be just around the corner. Remember the road to success never goes without criticism. You have to have to keep your eyes on what God has for you and do not give up.

When you step outside the box, people take notice, it gives them concern, it’s exciting, something to talk about and you have created a little stir. Just wait, be patient. Do the work and seek God’s blessings. If you stick around waiting for everyone else to appreciate you, you could be waiting a very long time. I think knowing in your heart that your intentions are in the right place and your drive to do what you do is for the right reason is what matter most. Keep checking in with yourself and with God. You will know. Keep a journal and write your progress down.