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Who remembers?

I remember that telephone with the tangled cord on the kitchen wall. My sisters and I would get 15 minutes to talk and have to take turns. This meant trying to set up plans for our weekend. We memorized so many phone numbers! If we dialed it wrong, we’d try it again with a different sequence; a few times if we had to.

I got my first job when I was 15. I walked to work most of the time until I could afford a car at age 19. I remember my friends and me knocking on each other’s doors to see if a friend was home to come outside and just hang out.

The first record 8 track I owned was Carole King, my first vinyl record was Cher: Gypsies Tramps and Thieves and my first 45 was Olivia Newton John, Please Mister Please.

Spending a day with friends at the theater going to the “Holiday Theater” in West Hills Ca. for 49 cents to watch great movies like Grease, Orca, and Jaws.

Summer nights sitting on the hood of a car with friends to listen to music and talk.

Passing notes in class to a friend had its risks unless your friend happened to sit right next to you, you’d need a chain of accomplices to get your neatly folded note across a room. You had to consider it’s path and who you trust to pass it. Some might be trustworthy. Others, not so much.

I remember rides in the back of a pickup with neighborhood friends to the store, the creek or just to other friend’s houses! Riding with friends in the back of the truck on a warm summer night was adventurous.

I remember four wheeling in the Simi Valley Hills, We had CB radios to try and find each other. There were train tunnels we’d walk through (crazy), and the bonfire parties listening to music on a car stereo.

I loved music and creating variety cassette tapes of favorite songs was my thing. I would sit the cassette player right in front of the radio or record player to make these custom tapes. There was the recorded background noise of course which included my mom coming into the room and telling me to go outside and play, or my brother or sisters yelling in the hallway. “Ugh, shhh” you’re ruining my recording!