Sometimes the more significant health problem for people is not Diet.  Could it be what is eating at them instead of what they are eating? Every week I get asked about my diet once I returned home from alternative cancer treatment at CMN hospital in Mexico to stay in remission? First of all. I never use the word remission because when I looked that word up in the dictionary is restricted me from accepting the healing that took place.  I am cured of stage 4 breast cancer as of August 2011, and I am still healthy. The moment I got the news I owned that blessing that was given to me. I declare I was cured and healthy and accepting it and having faith makes a big difference.

Now, about my diet, I ate healthily, but I was not fanatical. The first time I had cancer in 2006, I went vegan and organic, and I had a recurrence in 2010.  Women have written me after having a cancer diagnosis and explained how they were trying to fight it on their own by going vegan, juicing and doing coffee enemas.  Many women I spoke with were trying juicing and other cancer diets.  Some tried Budwig, and some tried the Gerson diet.  I get letters often from women who are stage 4 and very scared.  They are frustrated because they couldn’t understand why the diet change did not cure their cancer. I wish I could say some magic diet was the answer; I have heard of many.

I have asked them how they feel about their diet and many feel resentment and anger because for so long eating right and even making sacrifices by missing parties, so they do not get tempted to eat the party food was all they knew.  To do this and see that it did not destroy their cancer can be heartbreaking.  They sometimes feel like they wasted time and begin feeling resentment.  Once the bitterness kicks in many women will still not go back to eating a regular meal because of fear, and they continue with their diet habit, and it is like eating thorns and rocks now while everyone else is so darn happy eating delicious meals.

If you are happy while you eat and not stressed, then this is great! Stress is an antagonist to our healthy body. I believe it was the choices I made, the treatments I chose, my faith and my mindset that saved me. We need to take accountability for our journey and choices of therapy each day.

In addition to our association with food remember your thoughts and your heart.  Forgive people who have robbed you of your peace because you have allowed your resentment to destroy your spirit.  Apologize to someone you hurt and try to make amends even if they do not forgive you; you will have that massive weight off of your shoulders.

I like healthy food, but I eat dessert now and then.  I’ve made a few changes with less gluten and replacing sugar with stevia.  Disease – (Dis-ease), perhaps there is something to that, that we seriously need to address as part of excellent health. I have much less stress in my life. Mind food is imperative!  How are your relationships?

I also firmly believe raising our frequency is essential. Dancing, singing, comedy, and anything that makes you feel a natural high to get those endorphins going is healthy. Body movement instead of exercise is excellent.  You can dance, swim and do enjoyable activities that would be even more effective in healing than a rigid work-out regimen.  Be creative, think about your body and movement. Whether you jump on a rebounder or jump rope, listen to music that will raise your vibration. Choose upbeat and feel-good kind of music. If it is negative and angry music, this is not a healthy choice. Even music while cooking and cleaning.

Check out this great scene from the movie Bandits. Cate Blanchett gives a great example!