Shannon Knight is a two-time breast cancer survivor who survived stage 3 stage and stage 4 breast cancer.  Her first diagnosis was in 2006 where she went through a bilateral mastectomy but due to complications of infection she did not do radiation or chemotherapy.  In 2010 Shannon had a recurrence of stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to all lobes of her lungs, and bones and lymph nodes.  She did the recommended radiation on her sternum and was not able to complete it, once again due to complications of infection.   It was then that her UCLA doctor sat her down and gave her the bad news. He told her that she only had 3-12 months to live. Shannon is not a quitter.

      On February 7, 2011 Shannon went to  CMN Hospital’s Alternative Cancer Treatment in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Mexico, where Dr. Payan was able to treat her successfully with his alternative therapies. The treatments are not yet covered by health insurance.  It was because of her family and friends who raised money to get her the medical treatments that she is alive today.  Angels for Shannon was the name of the website to help Shannon and since her healing, she has dedicated herself to helping others who are going through financial hardship to find creative ways to raise funds and get support in their community.  Visit Angels for Shannon 

     On October 15, 2011 Shannon received a PET CT Scan that showed she was free of cancer!  Today Shannon is healthy and cancer-free because of her courage to cross the border and try a healthier alternative to chemotherapy.  One of the most common questions people ask Shannon is, “Weren’t you afraid to go to Mexico?” Shannon smiles and says, “I was more fearful of cancer killing me than crossing over a border between two countries. If it were not for God bringing Dr. Payan and CMN Hospital into my path, I would not be alive. It is because of CMN saving my life that I was able to be reunited with the love of my life, Michael after 25 years, and I would not have five grandchildren from my son and daughter today.  When I think back on my decision I realize how different it all could have turned out  We make choices every day, and that is one I made fearlessly.”

     Today Shannon shares her cancer journey worldwide. She appears as a guest on radio, film, and documentary. She is a keynote speaker, author, and life coach devoted to leading women who have endured emotional trauma to a place of self-compassion, trust and empowerment. She especially enjoys speaking at women’s retreats. 

      Shannon always answers people with great passion when she speaks to people about her journey, so get ready if you ever meet her or have her speak at one of your events. She will inspire you to trust yourself and not let anyone stop you from doing what you think is best for you! She says this is the life you were given, so make it count!


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