Shannon  Knight

Shannon is on a mission to inspire and bring hope to all who have been touched by cancer.  Shannon has been featured in documentaries, a guest on radio shows and is a keynote speaker.  Shannon’s mission is to lead individuals who are diagnosed with cancer through the emotional challenges. Shannon shares her story on how cancer physically, emotionally and mentally affected her.  Over time she learned that the illness was something she had to go through in order to take slow down and take notice of unresolved emotional pain and how to find gratitude for everyday blessings that went unnoticed.  She has deep empathy and compassion for all who are facing a cancer diagnosis.  She relates to the monumental decisions that revolve around choosing treatment and how difficult it is deciding how to save your own life.  She teaches people how to trust themselves and their God-given intuition when deciding what treatment is best for their body.  We have an innate ability to know what is best for our healing.  We just need to quiet our minds and be in tuned to what our soul is trying to tell us. 

Alternative Cancer Treatment

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Shannon Knight is a two-time breast cancer survivor who refused chemotherapy both times. When she was stage 3 in 2006, she had a bilateral mastectomy, and in 2010 when Shannon faced a stage 4 recurrence, she chose advance alternative cancer treatment in Mexico.  First, she underwent 22 sessions of unsuccessful radiation on her sternum. 

Shannon trusted her intuition and chose   CMN Hospital’s Alternative Cancer Treatment February  2011 after her UCLA doctor gave her only 3-12 months to live.  It was because of her choice to refuse chemo and choose a healthier alternative that she is now cancer free.  Shannon is alive and well today.  Today she is a cancer advocate, a speaker, author and life coach with an emphasis on  “The Emotional Healing Connection to Healing Cancer”.  She encourages people who contact her about her success to learn how to trust their intuition just as she did. 


“Hey You” a song dedicated to all who are battling cancer!  It is a very special song written and sung by Shannon’s best friend Heather Rayburn.   Heather has been by Shannon’s side through it all, as she battled stage 3 and stage 4 breast cancer.

“Hey You”‘ lyrics were a summation of Shannon’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the scariest decade of her life. The lyrics were from the private pep talks she would have with herself in the mirror to motivate herself through the toughest days.  The rest of the lyrics were pulled from many heartfelt conversations between the two of them and even Shannon’s private diary.

Grateful  Heart –  Memoir  of a  Cancer  Survivor `

~ By Shannon Knight

In these lovingly crafted pages, Shannon shares her stories and reflections about the power of thankfulness. In Grateful Heart you will also find scientific evidence that provides an impressive range of benefits on how gratitude improves our overall well-being. “Grateful Heart” includes daily activities with writing prompts to inspire appreciation and 40 journaling pages for daily gratitude. Grateful Heart undeniably cuts to the very core of how gratitude improves the quality of life, even through the most traumatic situations. Shannon shines a light on how the daily practice of gratitude can begin a life transformation immediately.

Simply    Amazing

Shannon has recently been featured in KC Armstrong’s new book, “Simply Amazing” Shannon’s story is one of 11 truly inspirational interviews on KC’s radio show WMAP Radio  

KC Armstrong, a former cast member of the Howard Stern show, has done a 180-degree turn with his life.  His book Simply Amazing contains 11 of his most touching interviews.  K.C. shares his battle with addiction, homelessness, and how his time on Howard Stern taught him the importance of giving back, through his radio station and now his book.  

Thank you to all 11 authors for providing true, upbeat interviews which affirm the strength we can all tap that sits at the very depths of our souls. ~K.C. Armstrong 

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