Shannon Knight is a two-time breast survivor.  Her journey began with a stage 3 diagnosis in July 2006, on her brother’s birthday.  She opted out of all the recommended cancer treatments, except surgery.  She refused chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy and did follow through with the bilateral mastectomy.  She suffered from many complications with the operation, including staph infection and many other physical health problems. Emotionally, this was a devastating experience for her. 

Like many others, after her victory with stage 3, she was scared of it returning because she had heard stories of harrowing recurrences.  Just as she feared, cancer returned with a vengeance in July 2010.  The recurrence was upgraded to stage 4 with metastasis spreading to her bones, all lobes of her lungs, sternum, ribs, soft tissue, and lymph nodes. Once again, she refused chemotherapy and hormone therapy. The cancer was inoperable.  Backed against the wall, she did do the recommended radiation on her sternum to slow the growth that would eventually paralyze her. She was only able to do 22 rounds out of the 40 radiation treatments planned for her because the cancer was advancing and she could not stop coughing.  Just like the first time, she had complications with staph infection and pneumonia. Finally, her doctor at UCLA told her she had three months, maybe 12 months left to live.

She faced the challenge of deciding how to save her life. Shannon is not a quitter and discovered alternative healing at CMN Hospital in San Luis Mexico. They saved her life!  It was because of her courage and willingness to go on searching for alternative cancer treatment that she is alive today. She survived! The death sentence hanging over her head has been removed for seven years this August 2018.


Shannon is an author, speaker, cancer advocate and a certified life coach who has assisted many survivors that struggle with the emotional issues connected to cancer. She has been a guest on multiple radio shows and been featured in documentaries in the last four years, sharing how cancer physically, emotionally and mentally affected and changed her. 

She has deep empathy and compassion for all cancer warriors and understands what individuals go through once they learn of a cancer diagnosis. She relates to the monumental decisions that revolve around choosing treatment and how difficult it is deciding how to save your own life, especially if your doctor has given you only so much time to live.

Shannon has been cancer free since August 2011. Her inspiring story has given hope to many other people fighting cancer of all stages.  She inspires others through her personal experiences that she shares so genuinely and from her heart.


Grateful   Heart:  


In these lovingly crafted pages, Shannon shares her stories and reflections about the power of gratitude in her life. In Grateful Heart you will also find…

  • Scientific evidence that provides an impressive range of benefits on how gratitude improves our overall well-being
  • Daily activities with writing prompts to inspire appreciation
  • 40 journaling pages for daily gratitude

Grateful Heart undeniably cuts to the very core of how gratitude improves the quality of life, even through the most traumatic situations. Shannon shines a light of inspiration on the blessings and abundance in our lives, even amidst the adversities, burdens, and complaints. Grateful Heart shows us how to find a brand new perspective through the daily practice of gratitude and how we can begin this transformation immediately.

Looking back on her victory with cancer that began in 2006 and the other obstacles she had to overcome during the most trying years of her life, she concluded that her life had changed dramatically for the better when she applied the principle of gratitude. Her heart changed significantly—becoming softer, more appreciative—and a mindset of appreciation brought her up from a downward spiral.  She began to focus on the blessings in her life and has made it a habit to compare her circumstances with others whose are far less fortunate than her own.

Shannon reveals how gratitude did not come easy when she was suffering and frightened, but she knew her life depended on it.  Her dedication to being grateful in spite of her circumstances changed her life journey forever.

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