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Shannon Knight is a survivor and an inspiration to many people from around the world who have been affected by cancer. She’s survived breast cancer not once but twice, including stage 4 without ever using chemotherapy.  Shannon has been cancer free since August 2011, and her inspiring story has given hope to individuals fighting cancer.  She has appeared in media through, documentary, radio, book, film, magazine and speaking platforms over the last four years. Shannon shares with everyone how cancer physically, emotionally and mentally affected and changed her. You will be inspired and gain new insight and perspective from her own personal experiences that she shares so genuinely and from her heart.

Grateful   Heart:  


In these lovingly crafted pages, Shannon shares her stories and reflections about the power of gratitude in her life. In Grateful Heart you will also find…

  • Scientific evidence that provides an impressive range of benefits on how gratitude improves our overall well-being
  • Daily activities with writing prompts to inspire appreciation
  • 40 journaling pages for daily gratitude

Grateful Heart undeniably cuts to the very core of how gratitude improves the quality of life, even through the most traumatic situations. Shannon shines a light of inspiration on the blessings and abundance in our lives, even amidst the adversities, burdens, and complaints. Grateful Heart shows us how to find a brand new perspective through the daily practice of gratitude and how we can begin this transformation immediately.

Looking back on her victory with cancer that began in 2006 and the other obstacles she had to overcome during the most trying years of her life, she concluded that her life had changed dramatically for the better when she applied the principle of gratitude. Her heart changed significantly—becoming softer, more appreciative—and a mindset of appreciation brought her up from a downward spiral.  She began to focus on the blessings in her life and has made it a habit to compare her circumstances with others whose are far less fortunate than her own.

Shannon reveals how gratitude did not come easy when she was suffering and frightened, but she knew her life depended on it.  Her dedication to being grateful in spite of her circumstances changed her life journey forever.